Airborne particles

My four-year-old, Samantha, is allergic to almost everything in the air.  She has troubles with everything from dust, pollen, dander, mold and mildew.  Living in the northeastern side of the country, we deal with different types of weather, which create all sorts of troubles for my daughter.  There is almost never a time when it’s safe to open the windows in our home to welcome in the outside air.  In order to create the ideal environment for her health, we keep windows closed tight and regulate the temperature with a forced air furnace and central a/c.  Unfortunately, the filtration is not adequate enough to optimize indoor air conditions. There are sources of pollutants in almost every room of the house.  In between cleaning products, the personal hygiene products, our rugs, pesticides, and the HVAC duct, my child found it impossible to avoid the risks to her health.  It seemed that she was constantly struggling with breathing, headaches, and congestion.  After doing hours of  research, I realized that we needed to invest in a new home air cleaner, which is installed directly into the return duct of the heating and cooling equipment.  The air cleaner helps to cleans the circulated air all throughout the house multiple times every minute! Although it requires less energy than a forty watt light bulb, the air purification can kill up to 99 percent of airborne viruses or bacteria.  The system requires only minimum maintenance and offers maximum cleaning capacity in the home.  As the air flows through the system, the air cleaner captures the particles that are too small for us to even see, including pollen, dust as well as dander.  It keeps the home far cleaner and also improves the health of the indoor air. It also protects the integrity of our heating and cooling equipment.  The air cleaner has made an amazing difference in Samantha’s life.   

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