I am done with HVAC now

When I first started going to college, I made the choice to go for computer science. It seriously didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t the path for me. I knew that I was not entirely excellent at this and I wished that I went to go for something different. When I was talking to some old friends of mine, they were telling me that they were attending a trade university to get their Heating and Air Conditioning appliance certifications. When they explained that it would take close to 6 months to complete their courses and then they would be out in the field making pretty decent currency, I was entirely glad for them. Honestly, I was in shock that you could be out there working after only 6 months of university. I decided I didn’t want to study computer science any longer and I dropped out and went to a trade university for my Heating and Air Conditioning appliance certification! I worked quite a bit to get my Heating and Air Conditioning appliance certification. When I finally achieved this, I was the happiest person around! I was able to get into the same Heating and Air Conditioning appliance supplier that my buddies were working at and they showed me the ropes! It didn’t take too long for me to be out there in the field working on my own installing oil furnaces and doing different kinds of repair work, and the pay was good too! To think, I would have been stuck in university doing something I didn’t want for for at least 3 more years! I’m so glad that my buddies found this, or I would have never of thought to become Heating and Air Conditioning appliance certified!

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