The ac is easy to move

My little sibling really wanted us to go camping in the middle of the summer months. I thought it was a terrible idea, but he insisted that things would be just fine. We had plenty of camping supplies, such as a big tent, multiple Coleman coolers, and a little barbecue grill. We had sleeping bags, air mattresses, and a variety of insect repellents. My greatest concern was the heat and humidity, but my little sibling came easily prepared. He brought plenty of water, ice and gatorade. He also brought a portable air conditioner appliance. The air conditioner ran off 110 power, which the two of us had at our camping tent site. We plugged in the portable air conditioner appliance on a single side of the tent, and ran the exhaust pipe out the other side of the tent. The temperature outside was 95 degrees, when my sibling and I arrived to our tent camping locale on Sunday in the morning. After the portable air conditioner appliance was running for a little while, the temperature inside our tent was a cozy and comfortable 70°. I thought there would be some damp air inside the tent, but the breeze was actually comfortable and crisp. My sibling was an absolute genius, bringing that portable air conditioner appliance on our camping trip. We slept pretty much like kings, and the two of us were well-rested to spend the day hiking, fishing, and telling various stories. If the two of us ever make the decision to go camping in the summer time again, the two of us will absolutely bring the portable air conditioner appliance along. I do not know really if the purchase was lavish, but it was well worth the investment. That made summer time camping a very pleasing experience.

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