The camper ductless mini split

Have you ever sat down & just felt like you deserved a real treat.  Most people think of a treat as going out for a lovely dinner. Some settle for some Italian Ice while strolling down an old village street & checking out the many shops along the way.  My youngest child thinks of a treat as buying something current for herself. She isn’t buying a current outfit like I would probably do, but she is buying a current camper. I was astonished at how nice these campers are now.  When I had a camper, it was nothing more than a box with beds inside. The camper she is thinking about getting, looks like a house trailer that my sibling used to own. The beauty of it is spectacular to me. It is fully furnished with TV sets, real beds & ot tables that turn into beds.  It has a refrigerator, stove, microwave & the dishes are really nice. I enjoyed the powder room & the sizzling water heater. The sizzling water heater is tiny but it is wild how much sizzling water it can create. Just like the HVAC appliance. The entire HVAC appliance would fit into the top of our closet, but it can create enough heating, ventilation & A/C to heat or cool the whole trailer, to ideal temperatures.  There is even Zone Control in that little travel trailer. I would have never guessed they were so advanced. I guess people no longer prefer the utilitarian style of camping. They want to take their everyday comfort with them, no matter where they happen to be going. I did like the Zone Control, that was very cool.

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