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When I finally caved and decided to add a new cooling system to our home, I spent extra cash to get an electric heat pump as well. Combining the heat pump with the gas furnace we have creates a dual fuel plan and saves me a ton of money. Even though the heat pump was a lot more expensive than a cooling system unit, I have actually gained the cost back through energy savings in less than five years. The electric heat pump helps to provide both a heating and cooling capacity, and is way more energy efficient. During the summertime, it operates basically the same as a cooling system unit would. It helps to move heat from one location to another. During the colder months, the heat pump changes its operation by finding ambient heat in outdoor air, compressing it to a warmer temperature, and pumping it inside. It doesn’t burn the fuel to generate heat, so there is no reason to worry over combustion byproducts. We don’t need to worry for things such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde. Since it costs even less to run than our gas furnace, I am able to run the heat pump for as long as I want to. Unfortunately, the heat pump is only effective until the weather outside drops below cold.  At that point, the gas furnace then will take over and handle the colder weather. The dual fuel plan takes advantage of the more savvy ways of heating, and also reduces wear and tear on the gas furnaces.  This minimizes the risks of malfunction and makes the repair life longer.  Since I live in an place that experiences major weather changes throughout the year, the dual fuel plan is the best possible way for me to handle temperature control.

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