The issues with our HVAC

Rubbing alcohol has a genuinely distinct odor, doesn’t it? When you’re at the nurse’s office, you can catch a whiff of it in the air every now in addition to then, usually right before someone is receiving a shot of medication or antibiotics. In all honesty, I kind of prefer the odor – not enough to hover over an open bottle in addition to huff it, but I don’t mind the odor when I’m cleaning up a stubborn stain! Unfortunately, I had to learn to prefer the odor when I had a little accident at condo the other day. I won’t get into the details, but I managed to knock a full bottle of rubbing alcohol over. The terrible part? I practically poured an entire bottle of this chemical directly into a floor vent for the ductwork of my house! Within ten minutes, my entire kitchen odored prefer rubbing alcohol. Another twenty minutes passed, in addition to I could odor it throughout the entire house! Unsure of what to do, I decided to call my official heating in addition to air conditioner repair provider in addition to explain what happened. When I went through the scenario, the representative told myself and others that I need to have a ductwork cleaning performed. While that particular section of the ductwork was cleaner than ever before, having an Heating in addition to A/C serviceman come in addition to use scented cleaners would neutralize the scent. The odor was making myself and others dizzy, so I asked how soon they could send someone out to scrub the ductwork of my home. Miraculously, they had someone available to send out within the hour! I was so glad when my kitchen stopped odoring prefer a nurse’s office.

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