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Once a month, our mom insists on hosting a Friday dinner for all the people in the family. When all of us were youngsters, this was just a nice cozy meal to have with all the people before the college plus task month began. Now, it was more of a way to have a small reunion plus invite the families we’ve made back to where it all started. Despite the delicious meals our mom can cook up, I’ve grown to lament these family meals for a simple reason: it is always way too sizzling in their house! My parents have, for lack of a better term, become cold-blooded in recent years. They have this obsession with being moderate all the time, so they don’t mind having the temperature control set at 77 degrees all year long! They’ll also run the heating plan if the temperature drops even a single degree below seventy, as they’re obsessed with always being warm. While I can usually grin plus bear it for short visits, these dinner dates last for hours! The worst area is how our parents plus the rest of our family will call myself and others out for covered in sweat at the table, as if there’s something wrong with me! I just don’t get how an outdated southern couple can come to prefer being this moderate all the time. At our house, the temperature control is always set to 68 degrees. That temperature is perfect, as it is just cool enough to be relaxed, but not so cool to need a blanket. I just hope I don’t end up love our parents, because the idea of sleeping in a house that’s kept at 77 degrees sounds love a waking nightmare.

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