Losing the HVAC now

It’s funny the way you’ll remember trivial things, simply because they’re tied to something passionate. When our hubby and I moved into our first home, the people I was with and I had unknowingly made out prefer bandits! On top of inheriting several useful furnishings from the previous owners, the apartment had also just  received a full heating and a/c idea renovation! At the time, the new a/c was literally brand new. yesterday marked ten years of residing in this house, and in that time we’ve brought 3 charming children into this world and made this apartment our home. However, with this tenth birthday comes a worried realization – it’s time to look for a updatement to the air conditioner. Since air conditioning units are built to last about ten years before becoming obsolete, our hubby and I know that we’ll have to get rid of this seasoned a/c and find a new air conditioning component to update it. We have our correct heating and a/c repair workers coming by this week to inspect the unit, and see if they can buy it back as a credit towards our new air conditioning unit. I guess I’m feeling bittersweet about the whole thing, as I wish I could keep the same model and just switch out the components inside! But, life is about understanding when it’s time to let something go, and besides, we’ll also be getting a brand-new a/c component for the apartment in the process! We both know that this seasoned a/c idea isn’t working and it did ten years ago, anyway.

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