I learned quite a bit

When I became a homeowner a few years back I knew very little about how to take care of the HVAC system.  I knew some small things, I was made aware that  the air filter needed to be changed every few weeks, as well as I need to wash and wipe down the coils in the system.  I had no idea that the HVAC ducts needed to be cleaned about every few years.  This isn’t something that I had to deal with in my tiny, two bedroom apartment I moved out of.  I quickly realized that when I was using the system the air quality seemed to be  pretty poor in the condo I purchased.  I thought best to contact an HVAC specialist to come out to the condo and do an inspection. Mike, the HVAC specialist perceived  that the HVAC unit itself was, for all intent, working properly and it appeared that it had been well-inspected.  He chose to inspect further and started with where our HVAC ducts were located. After an inspection he believed the issue was the ducts and lack of cleaning.  He suggested that I have another provider come out and clean and sanitize them.  The condo I purchased is in an old part of town and many years old and it’s obvious that the HVAC ducts have not been cleaned in numerous years.  As a homeowner I am understanding that our HVAC system was circulating dust throughout the air when it shouldn’t have been. I am very thankful that the HVAC specialist came out and he pinpointed this problem. I am hoping that this little bit of expertise that I acquired will help me out in the future.  I want to keep my HVAC system functioning as expected so that I do not have to replace it in the near future!  Part of being a homeowner is getting a grip on these things.  I am taking my time to work and to learn about how to take care of all of my appliances.

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