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One thing that I insist on doing before I pass away is flipping an old rundown house.  This goal has been on my must-do list for most of my life.  With that said, my husband and I are considering buying a seasoned fixer-upper that we located in a new part of the neighborhood just across town.  My husband is good with a lot of things but his forte is construction, and we make a great team because I have a solid eye for design. One of the factors in our purchase is that we live in an area where snow falls in ferocious amounts every year!  I’d like to be certain that we obtain a radiant flooring method for the house. This is very important, and one of the options that I have no intention of compromising on. I look at it as an investment because it will surely increase our profitably and resale value. In my daughter’s home they installed radiant flooring and it’s so amazing and keeps the house very cozy.  It keeps heat moving throughout every corner of the home so that it is never uncomfortable in any room! Aside from that, the radiant floors are tremendously efficient, in part, they save her money on her utility bills consistently.  The general consensus is that a person’s home is to be a place of refuge during the frigid weather, this makes me believe that a radiant flooring system would be a grand selling point when we complete it and place the home for sale with a realtor. I may not be a professional, yet, but when it comes to these kinds of things I feel as if I know what people prefer. I assume this from my own taste, and I certainly hope that it pays off.  A radiant flooring system is a great idea and will need to be placed on my top 5 list of must-haves!

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