Car Heating and Cooling

I am someone who gets cold very easily. Even when I wear a winter coat and gloves, I am still shivering from the cold whenever I step outside. Everytime I get in my car in the winter, the first thing I do is blast the heater. I hate how the car heater takes a while to warm up. You have to run the vents with cold air for a solid two to three minutes before you finally start feeling the warm air. The same thing goes in the summer. As soon as you get into the car, the air is stiff and hot. No matter how high you blast the air conditioning, it still comes out hot! At least in the summer you are able to open the windows for some moderate relief. However, in the winter, there is no way to relieve yourself from the freezing temperature. You simply have to sit there and wait for the air to get warm. Maybe I am getting a little too knit picky about heating and cooling in cars, but I am always fidgeting with the settings. Since it is such a tiny space, the air always seems to be blowing directly at me. No matter how hot or cold I am to begin with, I always end up turning the vents away from me. I turn the settings down significantly, but as soon as I turn them off, I find that the air in the car gets stiff again. I wish there was a way to circulate fresh air throughout the car without having to have the heat or the air conditioner blasting. If only there was some way that we could incorporate the advances in the HVAC industry more in our automobiles. I am not a big car person, but I think that’s my dream car right there.

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