We can run the air conditioner

Every year I leave everything behind and go on a week long vacation by myself.  I don’t go with friends and I don’t invite my girlfriend. I don’t even tell anyone where I will be going, because I don’t want to be found. Never the same resort twice, usually not even the same country twice! And for a week I lose myself and do nothing but relax and enjoy the beach and enjoy some cocktails. It lets me refuel for the rest of the year and I love that time to myself. I just need a few things on my resort vacation: nice air conditioner, a beach, and an unlimited bar. Everything else can change and that’s the fun part.  My last vacation was the best to date, because I had a private air conditioned bungalow right on the beach of a tiny island. This was the only house on the entire island and it was all mine, beautiful cool air inside from the A/C with a view.  Besides having a wonderful heating, ventilation and A/C system, the bungalow also had a fully stocked bar, so I didn’t need to go anywhere for the entire week. There was a phone to the main island, and they could send food, drink, medicine, or an HVAC service tech out within hours if needed, but I never had an emergency.  Although I’ve never gone to the same resort twice, I think this resort wins over them all and I will be making a trip back next year.

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