The AC unit was at an angle and affecting production

For a long time my apartment air conditioner hardly worked. I tried getting my landlord to call a cooling contractor and the guy just wouldn’t. He said that he had a coling business over to check my equipment before I moved in and would not do it again. I thought my landlord was lying to me about it. Turns out he was not and the fix was a simple one. I was outside one day and noticed the outdoor unit with my AC device was at an angle. Not a huge angle, but enough that I noticed it. I then did some research online and found that a slightly tilted AC unit can make the refrigerant run to one side. When all the refrigerant goes to one side, the AC does not work as good. People have said you can tell when the indoor AC levels are just not cold enough. I then took a few pieces of wood and shoved them under my outdoor unit. I got the device to get back to a level ground and there has been quite a change in my home. My cooling system runs like a champ now. I actually had to raise the temperature on the thermostat since the AC was so effective. It worked quickly, efficiently and I have all the AC I want. My utility bills have decreased by a noticeable amount. It is amazing how such a small fix has made such a huge difference. I am glad that the AC business did not come into my home too. That would have been an embarrassing appointment.

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