I don’t have air conditioning here

Ever since I was young, my cousin and I would see each other during the summer and spend time either at my house in the city or his house in the country. Other than that, it was hard for us to visit during the rest of the year. I undoubtedly look forward to seeing him every summer.. I also look forward to spending some time out on the farm every year. It is so different and refreshing from my normal life. For instance, they don’t have any air conditioning out on the farm, and normally I would do not like that, however, out there in the rural area it’s different and the air quality is so much better. At home, my neighbors and I have to keep the A/C running day and night, pretty much year round except of course in the coldest of days. With all the pollution in the air, we depend on the air filters in our central Heating, Ventilation and A/C units to be able to breathe comfortably. Out in the country, that natural ventilation takes the sting out of the summer heat. But my cousin, since he never gets any air conditioning in his normal life, loves hanging around my house soaking in the cooling air. Every year it’s the same, where I love the lack of needing any A/C out in the country, and he loves the super cool air that I have in my apartment.

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