The big household

I am in school so to say my money is tight is an understatement. I am right now doing 21 credit hours and it is genuinely difficult for me to keep up with our school work, our job and our social life. I have been struggling with cash ever since I got to school and my parents can’t afford to help me out like most of my friends parents. So I have to live with 3 other guys in order to be able to afford rent each time. It is genuinely hard to live with more than 2 people because all the guy’s method of how things should be done is odd. One thing that no one can agree on is what temperature to get the temperature control on. I swear once a day someone is arguing over the heating and cooling system. I don’t genuinely care what the climate control is set on because I have a window air conditioner device in our room. It was a gift from my parents once they heard that I was having some issues with the Heating & A/C method in our house. My folks don’t ever give me sizable gifts so this was a sizable surprise. I genuinely love the air conditioner window machine I have due to this means I get to avoid the daily Heating & A/C fights in the house. I told the other people that they should invest in an air conditioner window machine like mine but they don’t want to listen to me, they just always will keep arguing over the temperature of the temperature control.

temperature control

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