the helpful a/c tips

As far back as I can remember my mom has been about saving as much currency as she possibly can. This is entirely not a horrible trait to have, however some of her frugalness has entirely become part of me. For the past few months I have noticed that my AC bill has been on the incline. I noticed the change because I pay easily close attention to all of my utilities. I am constantly trying to save a few bucks where I can. I have a friend that is an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech so I got him to give me a few tips. He told myself and others first I should check the air filters in my AC. He told myself and others that sometimes if these accumulate debris in them the AC unit will not do its job as well. He also asked myself and others how long it had been since I had any repair completed on my AC unit. I entirely could not even recall doing sol, so he said he would come over and take a look. He also declared to myself and others that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider that he works for is currently having a special on programmable thermostats so he would come and out one in if I wanted. I wasn’t sure at first because it still sounded like too much money upfront but I realized I would save currency on my heating and cooling in the end if I had a up-to-date thermostat. I usually just leave my thermostat running and then forget to turn it off in the day! Overall I am waiting to see if my utility bill gets lower because of the improvements I will be making to my heating and cooling system.


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