Getting some more info on the a/c

My fiancĂ© and I are looking to get our first dwelling together and it couldn’t be more enticing. The only issue or concern is that every one of us pretty much disagree on every aspect of the dwelling because every one of us have differences in HVAC needs. She wants a pool, I know of all the waste of a pool. I want a gigantic yard for our cat, she would rather have no lawn to mow. I make all the meals all the time so the pantry is crucial to me, she would rather have a nicer shower and bathroom and isn’t interested in a walk-in pantry. Although every one of us agree on religion and politics, it has been strenuous to find a house that fits both of our HVAC needs. Every one of us are looking at bigger houses, so one thing that has been coming to mind is trying to be reasonable with heating and cooling costs. She prefers it when the house is about 60 degrees, I on the other hand want it to ten degrees warmer! I have been reading about Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems and have learned about zoned heating and cooling systems for bigger houses. This would allow that has when I am in the office I can have the AC unit off, while she can be in the room with the AC unit blasting. She has also admitted with myself and others that we should reach out to an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional when every one of us get our dwelling to get a up-to-date AC unit and furnace installed since every one of us both are so cantankerous about our temperature settings. When every one of us install the zoned heating and cooling we will also be asking about smart thermostats and radiant heated floors from the HVAC crew as well.


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