Losing the thermostat at night

I woke up this day to the sound of intense snoring, not the kind of snoring that is subtle plus periodically cute, this kind of snoring was noisy, obscene plus connected to 4 furry legs… I have a Husky/Bernard mix named “Fudge” that rules our life for the most part, but all of us love it that way. Fudge regularly keeps myself and others active plus ecstatic, he was actually one of those rescues plus stole our hearts from the moment we met him. All of us usually agree on most things such as when to eat, what to eat, which park every one of us want to go to on the weekend… those kinds of things. The actual thing every one of us do not agree on is the bedtime temperature in the dwelling. I have to have the dwelling entirely frosty when I go to bed. I put our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance on overdrive when the sunshine goes away. I sleep better plus longer when our temperature control is below 64 degrees. The only thing I need is a sheet plus a fan to fall asleep. Fudge is a polar opposite. When it’s time to go to sleep, Fudge will burrow underneath the sheet (and covers that are at the end of the bed). He balls himself up as small as he can manage, which is no simple task for him. I periodically feel terrible that I put our air conditioning appliance so low, however having an unbelievable night of sleep is so important. Humans rule, and dogs drool.

Fudge has easily figured out a way to stay moderate under the covers while our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance is pumping out ice cold air all night. Now if only he could figure out a way to stop snoring regularly!

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