Want our ductwork taken care of

When I bought a home with my lady friend, I wanted to be cheap and save money on all the remodeling work we were planning on doing by making her think I was a pro at all of that stuff. No matter what, I tried my very best to keep up the charade! The two of us both started by removing all of the lavatory appliances. The two of us removed the toilet, shower, and even the old marble sink that was in there! When it came time to demolish the lavatory wall, I used a giant hammer to create the first hole! I didn’t realize there was air conditioning and heating ductwork behind the wall, however as soon as I hit the metal air duct with the big hammer, it made a undoubtedly loud vibrating sound that would not go away. I knew there was serious trouble, my lady’s eyes were big and bright. When I removed the pieces of drywall, I saw a large dent in the air duct and I was totally shocked and worried to say the least. There was no way for the air to travel through the air duct, so the two of us had to call a professional heating and cooling supplier in town. They came out to survey the disfigure I caused, and asked if the two of us had a permit to complete the lavatory work, then my lady and me didn’t realize the two of us needed a permit to service the lavatory. The heating and cooling supplier fixed the air duct, and gave us a few tips on our construction project.They absolutely suggested that my lady as well as myself leave the load bearing wall alone, and focus on a new project.

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