Happy with the a/c

I was raised by my Grandfather who was a strict army guy. This was an unusual thing as a kid, but it really did help me later in life being raised this very way. This had meant I never got to laze around on weekends or anything enjoying cartoons, or goofing off playing video games after school with my friends. If I wasn’t tied up with school or house chores, after that I would be helping him with his air conditioner business that he had owned at the time. He had owned the same small HVAC heating as well as air conditioning shop ever since he was discharged from the army many years prior, & I got to be his apprentice weather I wanted to or not, however let me truly and really tell you, there is not much incentive to finish your homework early just so you have to go & clean ductwork or install a modern brand new up to date heating coil. It wasn’t that he was a slave driver, even though it felt like it sometimes, he was just a guy from a different time and era as well as he did things differently than others, & at least I learned a lot about HVAC systems and the HVAC business. That turned out to be a fancy skill set to possess, as since then HVAC workers have become more & more in demand today.  Although I might have hated all those hours spent in the shop back then, the knowledge it provided me about heating & cooling systems is still with me totally and fully to this day. In fact, I took over his HVAC shop when he retired. It is my main career skill set today, and I love him for it.

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