This weather is very hot

My brother, Max, is a second grade instructor for our local school district in the north. Our people around are a small, farming community, with a tight budget next to a school building that is rather old.  It is not equipped with undoubtedly numerous modern luxuries as some.  Max frequently complains about the challenges and the regular conditions of his job.  I am not at all overly sympathetic, because I will tend to work sixty hours every week, all year round, with hardly any getaway time.  My brother is completely free to do as he pleases all summertime long.  He gets to be off for every holiday, while during the school year, his workday ends by three at the latest. Max prefers to point out the lack of air conditioner at any chance he is asked,  how the school often becomes overheated during the early fall or late springtime.  He has even gotten a group of instructors together in order to petition the school board to install window box  air conditioners in the classrooms. This is a said to be a pricey and costly purchase, when central cooling plans are not totally necessary.  There is rarely more than a week or few during the school year when air conditioner would be helpful.  The taxpayers should not be expected to cover the cost for purchase and installation, in my opinion.  The people I was with and I live in the northeastern section of the country, where our weather tends to be seriously cold and with an abundance of rain or snow.  The school’s heating plan is the priority, and is utilized from early October until mid March regularly.  Any money that is set aside for temperature control should be put toward upgrading or servicing the oil furnace.  I’m sure the instructors can manage the scarce tepid or humid conditions on those mornings by opening windows or setting up some box fans at the least.

humidity control 

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