Need the ductwork cleaned

Every year while enjoying the Spring weather, I thoroughly clean our whole house. I Spend the whole weekend Spring cleaning every tiny nook and distant cranny of our 3 kitchen home. I scrub all the carpets and curtains. I clean the baseboards, the walls, and the trim. I have a “magic eraser” cleaning sponge that gets rid of all scuff Marks in 2 seconds. It barely takes any effort and the wood looks bright colorless when I am wrapped up. I scrub and sweep all the floors, and I even hot wax the hardwood floors in the kitchen. I look forward to this time of the year, because the process is actually relaxing. I wear a pair of headphones and listen to our number one tunes. Last weekend was my annual Spring cleaning extravaganza. During our cleaning, I removed all of the air vent grates and covers from the house. I soaked them in a warm, soapy bath. I used some degreasing dish soap and Mr, clean with febreze. Mr. Clean is our number one cleaner, and I love the way that it odors. I used the Mr. Clean on the floors, walls, and the house surfaces. After I thoroughly washed all the air vent covers in Mr. Clean, they all odored like flowers. After Three days, and the whole house still odors like flowers. I should have cleaned those air vents with great odors, a long time ago. Next time I clean the air vent covers, I am going to use the same kind of scented cleaners. I love the fresh and clean odor in the house, and it reminds myself and others of all our effort in the house.


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