I was going to get an air conditioner

My wife and I have had enough of the bitter wintertime chilly snow, year after year now.  We’re tired of paying enormous heating bills, bundling up in wool coats all day long plus plowing the driveway.  So we thoughtfully decided to head down south right after Christmas, plus staying until the beginning of April.  She and I are happy to appreciate some some constant warm sun, ocean waves plus a/c.  We’ve rented an appealing little house near the beach on Airbnb, with all the necessary amenities.  Our only problem is preparing the house up north to withstand the sub zero hot plus cold temperatures when we aren’t there.  She and I really don’t want the pipes to freeze plus burst, the roof to cave in from the weight of the snow, or the furnace to catch fire and destroy our home.  Our plan is to drain the water lines plus lower the temperature control to around forty-more than four degrees.  As long as nothing goes wrong, we’ll save a tremendous amount on our energy bills simultaneously.  Since our house is located in the middle of a nowhere town, it’s really inconvenient for our friends plus family to stop by plus check on it for us.  Hoping to figure out a way to monitor the conditions of the house while all of us are down south enjoying the change. Well, I did some research online plus found smart temperature controls.  I hadn’t been aware the technological progress that has been made in the heating plus cooling industry since we last looked.  The temperature control connects to the internet plus allows my hubby plus I access to controls plus diagnostics from a smartphone or kindles.  At anytime, from anywhere, all of us can check the temperature inside the house, raise or lower the temperature control setting, plus get notifications as important warnings arise.  The temperature control will let us guess if there is a drastic temperature swing, a need for repair or filter changes.  It will even contact our local Heating plus A/C corporation in the event of a terrible malfunction.  

furnace filter 

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