Thermostat is helping us to save money

Saving currency has become super important to my family, now that my hubby has retired. He tells me all the time that I shouldn’t worry so much, but that is actually hard to do. I remember what happened when my favorite uncle was forced to retire because of his age. He thought that everything was going to work out okay and he tried to convince the entire family that he was fine with the situation. I wasn’t fooled by my uncle, though! He was my very favorite relative and I always made sure to visit his home every day, on my way back home from school.  One day, it was so freezing cold at his house in his loft that I couldn’t take my coat off. And he sat in his rocker, offering me a hot cup of tea, but refusing to even move because he was warm underneath his afghan. I asked why it was so freezing and he just smiled and said he was saving currency. And when he got up to make my tea, I looked at his thermostat. He had their thermostat turned down to fifty-three! I knew this could cause his joints to suffer because he had dire arthritis in his hands. So I turned up the thermostat, and I immediately heard the gas furnace running. My increasing the thermostat had never bothered him before, even though he asked if I would make sure I turned the thermostat back down before I left. I agreed to do so, although I was hoping he wouldn’t say anything about it when I was leaving. But he did look grateful for the heating, even though he was fearful of paying for the energy he used. And so I knew I had to say something to my Mom when I got home.

heating set up

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