Want the gym odor gone

My best friend from work and I have been training to run a mud obstacle course the past two months… It’s an exciting fitness run sponsored by our local gym… The mud obstacle course is an all-day event that stretches for an entire weekend with the winner receiving a free gym membership. My best friend and I have a particularly strict regimen that we each follow every time that the two of us are ever at the gym. Usually we each go to the gym after work on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sunday nights. The two of us constantly run 5 miles on the treadmill at first, and then we move to working on legs or arms. The two of us spend about 90 minutes in total at the gym while in each session. Lately, the gym has been really busy throughout, with a lot of people training for the mud obstacle course, leaving the gym consistently packed. I really do not like waiting for machines, and also the indoor air quality is really suffering each week. The a/c unit does not seem to keep the whole building sufficiently cold. Not only that, but their indoor air always smells like nasty B.O. The gym has shower facilities and a locker room towards the back. There is no reason that the entire three-story building should smell like a locker room alone. There are more than fifty or sixty air vents situated throughout the building and all of the workout rooms combined. Even when my best friend and I have finished our particular work out, the two of us never smell as awful as the gym’s air. The indoor air quality has suffered so much that I really hope things will go back to normal after the race has been finished. This gym is also close to work, but I’ll go somewhere else in a heartbeat if the indoor air quality does not vastly improve.

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