Finally able to retire

In less than seven years, I am going to retire from the Heating & A/C business, then i have to say that the company has been nice to my family & I. I have been with the same nationwide team for the past thirty years. I was one of the first professionals to become certified in the state. When we first opened our doors, both of us only had a couple of guys who could job on furnaces, and now both of us have close to 4,000 employees Nationwide. I am really proud to be one of those Heating & A/C employees & customers! The company makes us proud every afternoon, by making sure to deliver back to the community. Last year, our Heating & A/C company offered out more than $10,000 in scholarships to local schools in the city. Each year we host an essay contest to determine the scholarship recipients. This year, the essay questions was a very important conversation. Every one of us asked applicants to describe how their chosen job will help the community & the country overall. The Heating & A/C company acquired almost 1500 applicants. I was on the committee to choose our top ten finalists. Each one of the finalists acquired a scholarship prize of $3000. The top scholarship awarded to one of these finalists, was a $5000 award, and one of the finalists for the scholarship award this year, was given to a student choosing a field in the Heating & A/C industry. That finalists was my grandson, & I was more than proud that he was chosen to be a finalist. I’m looking forward to handing the hypothetical torch down to him. He has been interested in furnace repair for a long time, & he has a gifted mind & gifted hands.

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