We’re trying to pay our energy bills

I own a dance studio in our small town that is located in a basement, beneath a commercial building. At first, I loved the location. But, because the basement tends to be overly moist, I was forced to invest in a dehumidifier, while I was hoping to improve conditions. Then, I bought a portable dehumidifier as well, but it causes myself and others a ton of work.  I continually need to empty out the water on a daily basis, if not hourly some days.  If I forget, I deal with overflow, as well as the laying water that becomes severely dirty and causes a health concern.  The portable dehumidifier does not allow myself and others to customize settings or program operation.  I simply plug in the dehumidifier as well as run it as needed each day.  In the summer season, this small device has trouble handling the intense demand.  Lowering the thermostat increases the operation of the cooling system, making the air cooler but not combating excess moisture that I deal with.  I worry about the potential growth of mold, mildew as well as bacteria.  Since I rent the space, I am unwilling to invest in a larger dehumidifier, which would install directly into the HVAC plan as well as target the entire building.  This would absolutely be much more effective as well as convenient.  A permanently installed dehumidifier would allow us some customized settings, be able to target the basement, as well as handle air quality throughout the building.  By regulating humidity levels, tt would reduce the workload of the cooling system as well as save a tremendous amount on weekly electric bills, which would be a positive.  I have repeatedly mentioned the chance as well as benefits of a dehumidifier to my building owner, but he isn’t interested in spending money.  Since the renters within the building pay the utility bills, he isn’t worried about trimming the costs.  I am worried about the health as well as comfort of my students, as well as may need to move to a new location because of it.


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