The major HVAC problems

My brother and I we lucky to inherit an old and rundown farmhouse from our Grandparents; Since the two of us didn’t live in the area, the two of us decided to rent the locale to a few local folks. Each one of us had a property company in neighborhood manage the rent transactions, as well as all the concerns that arose from day-to-day. A few months ago, the rental company emailed me to tell us that the renters stopped paying rent for over 30 days previously. They had a deal worked out with the previous renter, so they could catch up rent, but unfortunately, the renter did not honor the commitment as well as moved out instead. The property manager was there at the time, as well as he said that things were absolutely bad, but he sent a few pictures to our text, as well as I saw just what he was meaning by that. The previous renters left the locale in shambles. They ruined the carpets, broke the living room washroom faucet, and totally destroyed the hardwood floor in the kitchen. The worst complication of all, was the missing Heating and A/C system. The outdated farmhouse was not equipped with Central Heating plus A/C, so the two of us had for window units in the property. There was a absolutely sizable 24000 BTU Heating and A/C system located in the dining room. There is also three smaller Heating and A/C units located in each of the living rooms. They were completely gone, as well as our brother and I had to make a special trip out to the property, then instead of purchasing brand modern window units, my brother as well as I decided to spend the cash to add a central Heating plus A/C unit, but even though it was quite a high priced project, it will give us a chance to charge a lot more for rent.

HVAC program

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