Want to work in the HVAC field

When my buddies and I were in college a while ago, both of us raised a lot of hell, the two of us caused a lot of problems, plus drank a lot of beer. We all consistently had some wild parties, and both of us knew most of the neighborhood cops by name. With that being said my friends and I consistently found ways to get ourselves out of trouble. To be honest t, not much has been very different since both of us are adults. My neighbor Kenny plus I were driving back home from work the other day, and each of us decided to open a cold a single on the way home. The two of us each had a single beer in the job truck; Kenny plus I had a long afternoon of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repairs, and each of us were ready to go home. Kenny blew through a red light, and we later heard some sirens behind us. Kenny plus I thought both of us were doomed for sure, until both of us saw our old cop neighbor Bob, but as soon as Bob saw Kenny plus I, he recognized us from the very start. He did not even ask for our license plus registration, however bob asked if Kenny and I were certified Heating, Ventilation plus A/C servicemans, plus both of us both nodded in affirmation. This guy Bob said that he was willing to forget the open containers, if both of us could come repair his gas furnace this weekend. Kenny and I had no actual way of finding out what trouble was occurring with the gas furnace, however both of us absolutely did not want a ticket for an open basket in our work truck. Kenny and I made the decision to look at the gas furnace. Bob said the gas furnace is still finally working, however not producing any amount of heat! Since this is a respected problem, Kenny plus I will easily be able to service the gas furnace with no problems at all.

HVAC representative 

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