The A/C is not working

This past Halloween, I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend a gathering at a local bar with my work colleagues. I actually wasn’t all that excited about dressing up in a costume, it wasn’t my thing.  I knew I was going to be stuck wearing the costume for long hours of the night, plus I didn’t want to be uncomfortable.  I also anticipated cold, wet weather, possibly even snow, plus didn’t want to freeze to death in the winter season.  Since my friends insisted that all of us all had to dress up, I decided to wear a ridiculous bear costume.  I figured that I’d be plenty warm plus comfortable at the same time.  Unfortunately, the weather was unseasonably warm and unexpecting.  That night, the temperature climbed up into the mid eighties, plus it was rather humid.  Being trapped in a crowded bar, dressed in a furry bear costume was excruciating and my worst nightmare.  Plus, the bar had not anticipated such unusually mild weather, while there was no air conditioning.  For the first few hours, they actually had their furnace running at full strength.  They finally shut off the furnace after a few hours plus opened up the windows with the exterior doors.  With barely any breeze plus no air conditioning, the bar was extremely overheated plus stuffy for anyone.  Because I was dripping with sweat like crazy, I drank way more than normal.  This caused myself and others to frequently need to use the bathroom.  Trying to get myself out of the bear costume was just about impossible of a task.  Next year, I don’t intend on dressing up or attending any Halloween parties.  I’m going to stay home, with a giant bowl of candy, while accessing my temperature control.  It won’t matter if it’s hot or humid, or snowy plus cold, because I’ll adjust the temperature to my liking and be alone.  

new air conditioner 

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