Ac venting out the air quality

I was quite young when I realized how dangerous some chemicals could be if there wasn’t enough airflow to dissipate the chemical fumes.  I remember my sister was trying to help my mom and she was still pretty young. She picked up the wrong thing and ended up putting bleach in the bucket instead of more ammonia.  This caused the most noxious of fumes to get into the air and if I hadn’t drug her outside, she wouldn’t have been breathing today. Now, I work as the resident HVAC technician in a private school.  I make sure that every window in the school is able to be opened so they have good ventilation. My wife works in the school as the art instructor. They have her in the room that has the best ventilation.  They know how important it is to have good airflow when you are working with paints. There is excellent heating and air conditioning and there are several return vents to help circulate the air and remove the fumes that come from the paint and other chemicals they use.  If I didn’t work here, I would make sure there was a good HVAC system in the school. I won’t take chances with my wife nor with the kids in the school when it comes to dangerous chemicals. The most important part of the HVAC system is have good ventilation. Not very many people take notice of the ventilation in the HVAC.  They all know about heating and air conditioning, but the ventilation is also a very important part of the system.

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