Assistance with the heater

Sometimes there are some things that just can’t be fixed regardless of what you do.  I have been known to just let those go and not even try after a while. It just doesn’t seem worth my time to continue working on a fix if there is no viable fix to be found.  On the other hand, there are some things that need to be worked on until it is fixed. You wouldn’t want your car to remain stranded on the road just because you can’t figure out why it stopped.  You call a professional to come look at the situation. That is the viable solution to every situation. I had to find a viable solution to a problem that had been glaringly present since we moved into our home.  There were a couple spots in the bedrooms where the heating did not reach. It just seemed to be a dead zone because of the distance from the air vents. I talked to the HVAC company and wanted to know if I had to add more air vents, or if there was some other solution.  When the HVAC technician arrived, he went all over our HVAC system. He said that the two bedrooms that were affected were add-ons to the original house. He told us that we could put duct boosters in the ductwork. The duct boosters were small fans installed in the ductwork and it would force the heated air to get to these air vents, before it cooled.  I couldn’t believe the difference in how warm my bedroom has been since we had the duct boosters installed.


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