worried about the heater unit

I do a lot of travelling for my job.  I really don’t like needing to pay a lot of money to fly, so I have opted to travel by bus.  Most of trips take me quite a ways from home, and it is nice to be able to get some work done while travelling, so the bus is a great option.  Unfortunately, I am finding that travelling by bus has a lot of hardships, also. I’m not sure why, but bussing companies don’t seem to care much for the comfort of their passengers.  There is nothing like getting onto a bus in the middle of summer.I If you are lucky, you get on the bus, and the air conditioning is working well and you can be quite comfortable. Unfortunately, most of the time, the air conditioning is either working poorly, or it isn’t working at all.  Not working at all seems to be the most common, from my experience. I hate when I get on the bus and people are hot and sweaty. The smell of the body odor is enough to turn my stomach. Then, I need to sit next to these people, which makes it ten times worse. When winter comes, I don’t need to contend with the sweaty bodies, but those people who are sitting there with their coats on, and they take up the entire bench seat that should be half mine.  If there was better heating and air conditioning, we could have all been comfortable. I thought about driving so I would be fairly certain that I had good HVAC, but it wouldn’t be nearly as convenient.

HVAC plan

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