Glad I got my license

My brother’s entire life had been spent preparing for a life as a business lawyer.  He put tens of thousands of dollars in schooling and graduate schools. Finally, after many years, he had his law degree and all he had left, was to pass the board.  I was shocked when he called and asked my opinion of changing his mind in mid stream. He was getting ready to apply for his board exams when he changed his mind. He had always wanted to be a HVAC technician and all of a sudden he knew that was what he still wanted to do.  Not growing up or even going to school, had changed his mind about wanting to be a HVAC technician. He threw away the examination sheets and headed out to the local college. He made arrangements to take his certification courses in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.  He was so excited to finally be able to do what he had dreamed of since being a kid. My sister was grumbling how he had wasted so much money by going to the university. She thought he was throwing his career away by not taking the board exams. Five years later, he was proving her and everyone else wrong.  He was making a six figure income with his HVAC business. He had taken everything he had learned in his business classes and directed it to his HVAC business. Along with what he is doing in his business, he is still finding a way to help out the family by giving them free services with their HVAC systems.

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