Getting a heater for the bathroom

I don’t know who was the contractor for  my home, but they had an amazing mind and I would like to thank him for setting up my bathroom.  The bathroom in my little condo is very tiny and yet it is very roomy. The set up is so amazing that you would think you were in a bathroom twice its size.  It has all of the necessary features, but the storage shelfs are all open and they give you the illusion of being more spacious. The hot water heater is in a small closet that is right on the opposite side of the wall of the bathtub.  The hot water is nearly instantaneous which makes it more efficient in water usage and in energy. This makes me very happy. I love where the towel bar is situated. I have a boiler system in my home, so there is a radiator in every room.  The towel bar is directly above the radiator and it becomes heated. When I lay a wet towel over the bar, it aids in drying it for me, before it becomes mildewed and it saves me from washing clothes as often. My boiler system is also amazing.  The efficiency of this boiler system is out of this world. I couldn’t believe how well it heats with such low settings on the thermostat. Granted, my condo is not grand, but it still needs good heating. The boiler system gives me great heating and the hot water seems to never cease.  I can’t believe how cheap it is to operate, either.

heating plan

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