The aged HVAC

After graduating from college, I was really excited to get out and start teaching.  I had done some student teaching and it was so much fun. After the student teaching gigs, they brought us back and did a psyche course on teaching.  They had us talk about our teaching experience and how we could have better handled the situations. We got a course on handling different types of situations like when a fight broke out and how to handle our frustrations.  The one thing I wish they had told us about was how to handle being a substitute teacher. I had to start out as a substitute for our school district. Whenever a teacher was ill or on vacation, I had to teach their class. It wasn’t always in my chosen field of study either.  The worst part of being a substitute teacher was figuring out what to wear. You never knew what the separate classrooms required. I would start the week in one school and end up in another and the HVAC systems were completely different. I finally found out that althought I dressed casually, I always wore a sports jacket or a sweater.  If I encountered a room that was overly warm, it was easy to remove the jacket. If the air conditioning was overly zealous, I could keep the jacket or sweater on. Then there were the rooms that were so hot it would have been nice to be in a swimsuit, or if it was so overly heated a parka would have been nice. It was always a learning curve with the HVAC.

HVAC serviceman

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