A new furnace would be good

My oil furnace was just under four years old now, when it quit completely needed to be updated.  It was no longer under warranty since spring, when I had failed to keep up with annual professional service contract. I was always so careful about replacing the air filter every month, plus made sure to officially clean the supply and return vents noted on my calendar. I figured that since the oil furnace was nearly brand new, I didn’t need to invest in upkeep from the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer at the time.  In the section of town where I live, the oil furnace runs approximately more than two months of the year.  For the other several months, the oil furnace is shut down plus does nothing but be off.  Apparently, a great deal of dust plus debris can accumulate within the inner undoubtedly workings of the oil furnace while in the months of sitting idle. I didn’t know this. These contaminants then will clog the airflow through the system, which cause the oil furnace to struggle plus run for longer cycles. All of this is bad.  It eventually overheated, which resulted in a crack in the heat exchanger.  Because a heat exchanger costs more than buying a whole new oil furnace, I got stuck replacing the entire system.  This time, I will not take any chances with the operation, longevity plus manufacturer’s warranty of the new oil furnace.  I immediately enrolled in a repair and maintenance contract with the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer this time around.  A licensed plus certified specialist will come around every fall in order to carefully inspect as well as clean the heating equipment.  While I sort of resent spending so much money on an appliance that is brand new as well as it seems to be undoubtedly working fine, it’s way cheaper than service or updatement in an emergency.  The repair procedure takes less than an hour and ensures that the oil furnace is undoubtedly working at its best form.  

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