HVAC ruining the dinner

I really like food.  I lived near one of the most well-known food capitals of the world.  People often ask my opinion on where to go to dinner and what they should order.  Of course, when I eat out food, I want to get the most out of the experience. I debate over what type of food to eat. I am concerned about how the place prepares it.  I want to be sure that they use fresh ingredients and cook completely from scratch. Along with the quality of the food, there are other factors that affect my overall satisfaction.  Is the venue kep clean? That’s very important. Also, is the restaurant kept at a comfortable temperature? A lot of HVAC units fail to keep up with demand. Very often, the restaurant will be either too chilly from an overuse of air conditioner, overheated because the heating system is continually blasting, or sticky due to excess humidity. I’ve had some disappointing experiences eating out.  I wonder if they have the heating and A/C component regularly inspected by a licensed professional. I don’t want to eat at a place where the temperature is either hot or too cold. I don’t like to spend money to eat at a restaurant and then spend the whole time sweating. I certainly don’t want to have to bundle up in a coat because they can’t properly regulate the air conditioning. Unfortunately, the operation of the HVAC system often ruins the whole experience of eating out. When that happens, I don’t ever return to that particular restaurant and they lost a customer.

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