Want radiant heaters in the house

I prefer older houses. These olders homes usually have an interesting history.   When my husband Seth and I came across a larger Victorian house for sale, we made an offer. Seth and I  are fond of home apartment improvement shows. We decided it would be great fun to pull up all the ugly shag carpets in the house and find out what was hiding under there.  When we removed the carpet, Seth and I were delighted to discover the original hardwood floors. The floors were in decent condition. The floor required some light sanding and cover it with several coats of varnish.  In the milder weather, the floors are wonderful. They are smooth and cool under our feet. They are easy to keep clean. Winters are not as enjoyable. The floors tend to be chilly. Seth and I decided to look into radiant flooring.  We didn’t know much about radiant heated floors. We had only just moved to a colder climate area, where the Winter temperatures often drop well below freezing. Because of this, radiant radiant heated floors seem like a perfect solution. We called an HVAC company that specializes in the new design and installation of  radiant floors in our local area. They offered us a free estimate. We were not happy that they would need to tear out our hardwood floors to install the radiant system. The HVAC contractor recommended we go with electric radiant heat. This type of heater is more simple to retrofit into an existing home. Seth and I didn’t need to tear up our beautiful floors. The electric radiant system consists of mats that are simple to install.  The project didn’t cause much mess or disruption and was completed quite quickly. Seth and I are completely satisfied with the radiant system! Our bare feet are nice and warm even on the coldest nights. We’ve lowered our monthly heating bills by quite a bit.

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