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When our son provided myself and his father a portable a/c for our anniversary, I didn’t think I’d get any use out of it.  I’ve never invested in any type of a/c because the local weather is typically quite cold.  Our warm summer season only lasts a couple of weeks if even that, plus it rarely gets overly tepid or humid in our area.  I consistently managed by opening our dining room windows plus running a couple of electric fans.  My son insisted that we would like the portable a/c.  It took him about several minutes to set the cooling equipment in the window then plug it in.  I was surprised that such a compact equipment was able to cool the entire room in less than an hour.  I have come to truly adore the a/c, plus every spring, I am thrilled to get it going.  Since it is entirely lightweight as well as compact, I am able to handle the upgrade myself when I need it.  I keep the a/c running well into the fall now, simply because I am all about the sound of it plus the knowing of the circulating air.  It keeps our dining room cleaner, fresher aromatic, plus I think it greatly improves indoor air quality. It really seems as we are not as sick that often anymore.  The filter traps dust plus other microscopic contaminants one can’t really see, plus has lessened our issues with allergies.  I also sleep much better when the a/c is running, the sound is so soothing.  The cooling equipment is entirely self-explanatory plus convenient to operate because of the cordless remote.  I don’t even need to get out of bed to raise or lower the temperature, or adjust the fan speed.  With a click of a button, I can cater to our personal preference.  My greatest problem is that I have trouble getting out of bed in the day because I am so appealingly comfortable and at peace.

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