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My father is a vegetable farmer, in addition to he has spent his whole life entirely working outdoors. He really loves it. In the section where all of us live, the weather is officially extreme to the point of dread.  In the summer, all of us endure excessive heat in addition to humidity, while the winter temperature frequently plummets below zero in addition to there’s tons of snow on the ground.  The spring in addition to fall seasons are always cold in addition to crazy wet.  There is truly rarely a time when all of us can get by without relying on some type of heating or cooling equipment.  My mom has invested in all sorts of special clothing in addition to gear to help him withstand the challenges of the weather in his job.  He is fortunate when he can get inside the cab of a tractor that is equipped with a heating in addition to cooling system.  He also is subjected to all sorts of air quality threats, due to dust, pesticides, bugs in addition to humidity. I could hear in his lungs how it has affected him. During our childhood, I often helped out on the farm.  I realized quite early on that this was not the future for me.  I now choose to work in an office building, where I watch the weather from the window.  I like having access to a temperature control in addition to control over the temperature for my cubicle.  I don’t need to worry about what the weather is doing or dress to accommodate it.   A commercial heating in addition to cooling system maintains the ideal temperature all year long.  With a tap of a button I can adjust the heating or cooling in addition to even regulate air quality.  The building is equipped with a ventilator, which brings in fresh outside air, in addition to an media air cleaner, which traps airborne contaminants.  I’m never exposed to fumes, bacteria, rain, snow, wind, or even temperature swings.  My dad thinks I am very spoiled.

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