The indoor air is great

I happen to be employed for a dead creature collection business in our county. On most of the mornings, I am driving around town looking for dead Vermin that may be lying on the side of the road from the night before. No,  it isn’t our dream job, however, the pay is nice with amazing benefits which are excellent. I have been really working for the same corporation for the past five years, while the owners of this corporation have treated me easily well. A few days ago, I was really interested in working a few towns over. A few of their collectors were on trips, so they borrowed staff from another service. I was ecstatic to go, because it meant a split in the mundane duties I face daily. So, since the drive to the site would be a bit further in the morning, our boss allowed me to take the company truck home. They would pay for the gas in the truck, as I would not have to add some wear or tear to our own vehicle. I thought this was easily nice, until the first morning I had to go separate from cooling system in our truck on a really hot day. I was halfway to the next town, when the cooling system system stopped blowing freezing air as it should. I called our boss on the cell, in order to relay the problems to him. I told him that the cooling system system was not blowing freezing air I explained the noises that I could hear, and he said that it sounded as if the motor went bad. I had to spend the entire morning separate from the cooling system system, while it would be multiple additional days until the cooling system system could be fixed. I was ecstatic when our truck finally came back from the repair shop. I was over being sweaty!

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