This shocked all of us

My furnace had been experiencing some rather serious complications for the last few winter season we have had. However, I had done our best to make sure that the furnace was serviced always on time every year. Yet, now our furnace was almost 20 years old. I knew it was time to replace the furnace, although I couldn’t spend all of that money.  My fiance recently lost his work position. Now, we were having a hard time trying to pay all of our bills.  When it comes to things that are necessary, the furnace had to wait until the really cold winter season, and the two of us were only in the middle of August right now.  It just just wasn’t necessary. My fiance did not seem to agree with this assessment I laid out, because he showed up on our doorstep last week with the furnace service dealer. I had told him a few times before, that the furnace could not be repaired. I was infuriated, until he told myself and others that they were there to replace the furnace. I was flabbergasted as my fiance explained the entire situation  Then he told myself and others that he had an acquaintance who owed him a huge favor. So, that acquaintance had an acquaintance who owed him a favor too. He ended up getting someone to replace our furnace for free, so I did not ask a lot of questions. My fiance always has a way of figuring things out, and he did just that. It is a little annoying at times. He told myself and others not to worry, because everything was handled. He also gave myself and others more than two hundred dollars to buy groceries and pay the electric bill that was due. I don’t guess how we would have replaced our furnace this year, and I am so thankful for my fiance.

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