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It feels like another lifetime that I had been begging my husband and telling him nonstop that we need a quality Heating and A/C system. His response was always that we have a working Heating and A/C, and why should we update to something else when it would cost us a great deal of cash? I kept telling him that it wasn’t about the fact that our Heating and A/C plan worked, I knew it worked. It was that the yearly bills were becoming incredibly high, and the up-to-date Heating and A/C plan models were way more energy efficient. He asked why we didn’t get an energy efficient Heating and A/C plan way back then, and I had to explain they didn’t have anything so energy efficient at that time. He finally gave in and said that I could do whatever I wanted, which essentially was just him telling me what I wanted to hear. While I really wanted a new heating and cooling plan, I didn’t want to upset my husband either, so I had to be crafty. I had a Heating and A/C contractor over to the household for a free consultation. I was telling him that I needed to get something that my husband would love more than I would, then he said that I really couldn’t go wrong with radiant heated floors and a nice energy efficient cooling system. I wanted to hear more and he explained that the radiant floors would make it so there are no drafts in the house, I would save a great deal on the yearly bills, and I would experience heating in a whole up-to-date way unlike other forms of heat. I decided to go for it and ever since, my husband has been saying that we should have updated a long time ago!

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