Want to keep the ac running

When our buddy and I want to hang out and slam beers all weekend, all of us usually go to our parents outdated trailer. It’s a 2 room mobile lake home on a one acre plot of land. It was our parents first home, before they purchased the home they live in now. They kept this outdated property to rent out, but the tenants moved out a whole lot of months ago. My parents keep hoping that our younger sister will move back to the lake home and repair it up, although I do not assume that will ever happen. Whenever it’s time for the weeknd, the locale is all mine. My friends and I buy a keg of beer and some stronger alcohol, and all of us head over to the mobile home. My parents still have the electricity switched on, because the moisture levels can be outrageous. When there is no a/c running at all, then the home will be filled with mold and mildew. If that happens the property won’t be worth anything. My friends and I turn on the a/c and adjust the temperature to about 65°. Once it gets cold, it doesn’t matter if the home fills up with people. Since the locale is on a whole acre of land, all of us do not have a neighbor terribly close. When our friends and I feel rowdy, no one complains about the noise. My friends do not mind hanging out in such an outdated mobile home, as long as there is plenty of beer and cold a/c. I hope our parents never find out that our friends and I are using the locale as a gathering pad. They would be particularly displeased with our choices.

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