The poor HVAC

Wednesday mornings have now become the best day of the week. In an attempt to get more workers interested in the business again, they decided that everyone needed a break.  What they did is take the middle of the week and make it a do what you want day. That doesn’t mean we can come and go whenever we want, but we can work wherever we want. Some people choose to work in their homes, but most of us work in groups.  That means that we have to find some place where there is room for at least five people. Hump Day Work Day is good in many ways. We have a horrible HVAC system at the company. You never know if you are going to have heating or air conditioning.  With being able to work outside of the office, we can do our best thinking and do it in a place that has really good heating and air conditioning. The other week, we were working at a pancake house. The air conditioning was perfect, and we were able to get our breakfast.  When we left there, we still had some figures to go over and we ended up at the local coffee shop. The HVAC was working perfectly and the air quality was beautiful. You could smell the coffee in the air, and we got a lot of work done. On Thursday we had to show all of our work from the day before, but that was seldom difficult for anyone.  When you were away from the poor HVAC of the office, everyone seemed to be more productive.

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