Air filters clean the home

My child has only been driving for a few weeks right now.  Every time he leaves our current home in his new to him car, I am worried that he will not return back home in one solid piece. Saturdays are my chore afternoons, although I decided to send my child to run errands this past week instead. He was not now working on Saturday, and I had a list of locations that I needed to go that I was too busy for. Since my current homeschooled child was now home with a driver’s license, I decided to send him to a few strange locations that morning to help us out.  But one of the errands, was to go to the hardware store and pick up a box of new and improved air filters for the Heating and A/C system. In my note, I left the size and price of the air filters. I knew that my child would have trouble finding the proper sizes, which was why I left the particulars about the air filters. It wasn’t long before he was calling myself and others on his new iPhone, because he was confused about which box of air filters to buy. I tried to explain the unique type of air filter, however my child did not understand what I was saying. I had to get in the car and drive down to the hardware store in the middle of my chores. When I arrived to the hardware store, my child was in line with the respected box of air filters. I had driven all the way down to the hardware store for nothing, and I was genuinely unhappy about it. Since my child and I were both out for the morning now, I figured we might as well have a meal together while we were out. So we stopped at a small steak and cheese shop, and sat down to love some dinner together.

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