Trading a/c jobs

When our partner was transferred to a different state for work, our life was turned upside down. I had a busy and thriving air conditioner service business, and I thought we would live there forever. I spent several years making the air conditioner business a success, and I had to close our doors and start over. I had no option but make the best of a poor situation, and my partner could not say no to the move, because he gotten a huge promotion and a significant raise in pay. It was a genuinely really big deal, and I didn’t want his to say no, but even if I was unhappy to move, it was a major work move interest for our partner. I scouted the new section for months, before choosing a location for our air conditioner service business. I chose an industrial complex, where there was a plumbing business situated already, then when I was meeting with the realtor to make the final plans on the location, the owner of the plumbing business came to say hello. I told him about the air conditioner business and our move… The owner was very nice and provided me a good deal… He was happy to recommend me to any plumbing work that needed an air conditioner repair, if I would recommend his business for any work where a customer asked for a plumbing repair. It seemed like a good way to advertise, when our air conditioner dealer was still new to the area. I’ve been here for a few months, and it’s been slow so far. There are more air conditioner service companies in this area, so it’s going to take a lot of advertising to get our name out there.

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