Glad the cooling plan works

I did not have a lot of money when I was younger, but I acquired a large settlement when I was 25, however I  wanted to do something big with the cash, so I bought a small house, however the home was cheap and incostly, because it needed many repairs indoors and outdoors. The small home was situated on a three acre lot. The lot was overgrown with weeds, and the fence was falling apart. The home needed new floors plus a fresh coat of paint. The small home did not have a central HVAC unit. Instead, I had a heat pump and two small window a/c units. The small heat pump worked wonderful during the winter, and ample heat was delivered using the floor registers! During the summer season, I used the a/c units to cool the indoor air. During the first year or two, I made do with the two window a/c units. It wasn’t the best situation, however at least I had something. During the second year in my home, I had to replace the heat pump! When I spoke with the HVAC dealer, he recommended getting rid of the window a/c units and going with a dual heating and cooling system. It was costly to add an a/c to the heat pump, but I thought it would increase the value of my home. I lived in the home for another nine years, before I met my partner and bought another house. When I finally sold the small house, I doubled my investment. I was right about the HVAC unit, because a lot of folks were happy to see central heat plus a/c as well.

ductless heat pump

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