Radiant heat was a good call

One of the smartest moves all of us made recently was upgrading to heated floors. This was installed before the winter season, then it was just in the nick of time because all of us had everything ready to go before the first frost arrived. I was so glad when all of us were able to crank up the radiant heating floors for the first time. We also had an up-to-date smart temperature control system installed so it was incredibly simple to control the temperature control settings. Feeling the radiant heat coming from the floors was the best thing. It was hard for me to believe that we had such an extravagant heating plan in our home! When I stepped out of bed to go make some coffee, our feet were toasty! When I went to take my shower, there was a pretty big powerful chill coming from the bathroom tiles, the floors were so comfortable, and I easily have rested on the floor at times. My spouse thought I was crazy when he saw me lying on the floors. I convinced him to join me and we both relaxed for a little while just resting on the floor. Something that easily impresses me is the fact that the air quality isn’t affected. Both of us just don’t have to worry about dust blowing through the ductwork, and the heating plan is really quiet, I really do love radiant heating floors.

heated floors

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